Inquire Before You Hire

Incorporated in 1993, The Reference Company provides a complete array of pre-employment screening services to major corporations and health care organizations nationwide. The Supervisory Reference is at the center of the process, complemented by background checks and credentials verifications.

In today's economy, it is vital to business's success to bring new employees on board with the most experience and the highest qualifications. By carefully screening candidate's backgrounds, you can reduce your risk of negligent hiring, and assure that you are hiring the best of the best.

We will partner with you

and help you select the best candidate for the position you are seeking to fill. Parallel processing with The Reference Company will contribute tremendously to a rapid and successful employee selection for your company.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff will act as an extension of your human resource department and selection process. We will provide you with a fast, accurate and cost effective service. You will have access to updates and information obtained every step of the way simply by checking our online system. The faster we get the information to you, the faster you can select the best candidates for the position.

Did you know?

  • Up to 30% of applications contain false material/information
  • 40% of the information on resume is misrepresented

And ...

  • 30% of all business failures are caused by employee theft.
Statistics courtesy of American DataBank

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